Kalima Secures $10M and Launches 24-Hour Token Sale!

• Kalima has entered into an agreement with ABO Digital, a private alternative funding group, to receive a commitment of $10 million.
• Kalima is launching a 24-hour private sale of its KLX token on Pinksale.
• The KLX token will be listed on Uniswap with a KLX-ETH pair established for trading on July 21, 2023.

Kalima Secures $10 Million Investment

Kalima has secured an investment commitment of $10 million from ABO Digital, a private alternative funding group based in the Bahamas and Dubai. This significant partnership will enable the French-based blockchain company to further innovate and refine their Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to revolutionize industries and drive digital transformation.

KLX Token Sale Launch

To support the growth of its ecosystem, Kalima has announced the launch of its KLX token sale. This event will take place over 24 hours on July 19, 2023 through Pinksale with a hard cap of 300 ETH. The KLX token is a general purpose utility that can be used to pay for transactions and access blockchain services on the Kalima protocol.

Uniswap Listing

Following completion of the private sale event, Kalima’s KLX token will be made available for trading on Uniswap where it will establish an ETH-KLX pair for trading on July 21, 2023. The primary objective behind this listing is to create sufficient liquidity so that users can easily buy and sell tokens without impacting market prices or facing slippage issues when transacting large amounts of tokens.

Kalima’s Objectives

The objectives behind creating these proposals are twofold: firstly, bridging the KLX token from Polygon to Ethereum network; secondly, proposing the 24-hour private sale event on Pinksale. By executing both these proposals successfully, Kalima hopes to maximize user adoption and encourage more people to use their blockchain solutions in real world applications such as data governance and enterprise applications with Web 3.0 capabilities.

About Kalima
Kalima is a delegated proof-of-stake blockchain that enables businesses, developers and startups to build Web 3.0 enterprise applications focusing heavily on IoT data in order to solve real world problems with minimal energy consumption requirements compared to other blockchains in this field