Rihanna’s BBHMM NFTs: Get 150% Welcome Bonus Plus 100 Free Spins!

• Rihanna is launching a limited Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection of her global hit song „B*tch Better Have My Money” (BBHMM).
• The music production company Deputy, which co-produced BBHMM, will release the song as an NFT, which will provide a cut of their streaming royalties.
• There are 300 NFTs in the collection, each priced at $210 or 0.145 ETH and 0.0033% of its streaming royalties for this song.

Rihanna’s Limited Edition NFT Collection

Rihanna, famous pop and R&B singer, is soon to launch her limited Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection of her global hit song „B*tch Better Have My Money“ (BBHMM). These limited-edition Rihanna NFTs shall be released on February 9th with a total of 300 pieces in the collection. Each piece is roughly calculated to be worth $210 or 0.145 ETH and entitles its holder to access 0.0033% of its streaming royalties for this song.

Anotherblock Platform

The songs will be streamed on the popular NFT platform Anotherblock which also shares royalty revenue with users who purchase these tokens. This new drop allows fans to own a piece of the song while streaming it and creates an opportunity for them to get an attachment to an artist or a song – thus creating “a whole different realm of being connected” outside of concerts and streaming platforms according to Deputy Music Production Company.

BBHMM Song Overview

The single BBHMM was among top 10 singles in 8 countries when released back in 2015, earning itself platinum certification as well as over 1 billion streams across most platforms globally due to its popularity amongst listeners all around the world. It was deemed classic track that was “ahead if its time” by some critics and was created by deputy inspired specifically by synthesizing several trap music sounds from past years alongside Rihanna herself; Bibi Bourelly; Kanye West; Travis Scott; and WondaGurl who were all producers who wrote the track together.

Super Bowl Halftime Show

Three days before her Super Bowl Halftime show performance, Deputy decided to drop Rihanna’s hit single BBHMM as a digital collectible – giving chance for fans worldwide experience owning part of this timeless piece before anyone else can! Rolling Stone ranked BBHMM at number 45 on their year-end list of top 50 songs in 2015 showing how much success it has achieved over past 5 years now until today!


In conclusion, this amazing offer from Deputy is giving fans opportunity not only listen but also own part of one greatest hits from one greatest singers today – so don’t wait any longer and jump on this Crypto Deal today!